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Monday, March 22, 2010
I have this weird love/hate relationship with plaid. I used to hate it. Plaid flannel shirt people populated the Colorado campuses back in the '80s with their split personality deadhead trustfund mountain man styles. And the yuppies with Plaid's little cousin, Argyle. And soon as I started noticing Plaid (and Argyle), it started popping up more and more! This was 1983. Plaid came back in style with a pastel vengeance. So I started to use it in my art...both my figurative intaglio prints and my abstract acrylic paintings. I still have "Plaid Massacre" (the painting...I also did a print by the same title) hanging in our house today.

I still play with plaid, now digitally. I made this one with Human Software's "PhotoWeave," as well as Alien Skin's Zenoflex "Flag" (to get the warping). To get the fringe, I used Flaming Pear's freebie, "Transline." ("It was plaid...with a fringe.")

FWIW,  Filter Forge has some great plaid filters...really easy to use too.